About us

Welcome to Midway Supermarket

Midway Supermarket was established in the year of 1962, in the Kingdom of Bahrain and evolved at the pace of its regional environment throughout the years with a particular focus on modern retail. Created by a humble and hardworking family, it is one of the oldest companies in the country which explains its excellent relationship with customers, and the strong brand recognition of the group.

Starting as friendly neighbourhood store, 50 years into the future shows just how much we grew as a business. We currently have around 100 employees who have all based their work on our founding values of honesty, innovation, and friendliness. Our position in the Kingdom of Bahrain is pushing us to further develop our retail activities by reinforcing our brand visibility, and creating new formats under the Midway Supermarket brand.

Our intention is to offer our customers the best of products at very competitive prices, to bestow extraordinary quality of service, and to grant a joyful shopping experience. We value all our customers, and all their wants and needs, as we would like to be the first to meet their requests.

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best, and customising the total shopping experience through experienced staff, having quality products available to our customers, all while adhering to strict quality control and standards.